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Rise & Shine Butter

Rise & Shine Butter


Rise & Shine is made with hand-picked ingredients with the idea of soothing dry skin in mind. Rise & Shine will awaken your senses with its citrus aroma.


  • Ingredients

    shea butter, mango butter,  turmeric and orange peel infused sunflower oil,  and an essential oil blend

  • Uses

    Our products are a great addition to anybody's moisturizing routine. Start with our moisturizing scrubs while in the shower and apply this moisture-rich body butter to damp skin for maximum hydration. 

  • Herbal Benefits

    Lemon - has amazing benefits, it is calming, and uplifting and aids in connecting your body to your intuition. 

    Turmeric-  is an agent of purification. According to Sadhguru, it can release congestion, offer physical support to advance spiritual goals, and is able to bring more light and translucence to your energy field.

    Vanilla - is soothing, calming, and said to improve your luck. 


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