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Midnight Moon Butter

Midnight Moon Butter


Midnight Moon is made with hand-picked ingredients and the intention of soothing dry skin caused by eczema, chemotherapy, and medications that cause dry, inflamed skin. Our Midnight Moon body butter is formulated to provide optimal hydration while soothing and calming tired, sore muscles. Take your time rubbing in for a luxurious skin experience. 


  • Ingredients

    shea butter, cocoa butter,  catnip, and lavender infused sweet almond oil, magnesium, plant derived simple MSM (organic aloe, organic coconut oil, arnica extract) and an essential oil blend

  • Uses

    Our products are a great addition to anybody's moisturizing routine. Start with our moisturizing scrubs while in the shower and apply this moisture-rich body butter to damp skin for maximum hydration. 

  • Herbal Benefits

    Lavender -  helps to clear negative energy, and is grounding and peaceful. 

    Catnip - aids in relaxation, can calm tense moods, and help release the tension of the day.

    Sage -  restores harmony and gets rid of negative energy.

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