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Magnetic Butter

Magnetic Butter


Magnetic is made with hand-picked ingredients and the intention of soothing dry skin in mind. Apply while reciting your favorite love affirmation to enhance its power to draw in what your heart desires. 


  • Ingredients

    mango butter, shea butter, rose petal and hibiscus infused safflower oil, magnesium,  and an essential oil blend

  • Uses

    Our products are a great addition to anybody's moisturizing routine. Start with our moisturizing scrubs while in the shower and apply this moisture-rich body butter to damp skin for maximum hydration. 

  • Herbal Benefits

    Roses - According to Ayurveda, Roses primarily provide balance. It guides our emotions and how they impact the heart. It also allows for better communication. 

    Hibiscus - Ancient people used to carry a pack of dried petals for attracting good luck, love, and a soul mate.

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