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Our James candles and wax melts were developed using the surname of my paternal family. This candle provides a jump start to enhancing your mood and bringing calm to your spirit.  Its essential oils are created with the intention of connecting you to the spiritual realm to achieve a healing state.



  • Returns/Exchanges

    No returns or exhanges unless candles arrive damaged. Please alert us within 3 days of receiving your order.

  • Scent Notes

    Blue Basil


  • Additional Info

    8oz candles | Soy Candle | Vegan | 100% Cotton Wick | Phthalate Free | Paraben Free | Fragrance + Essential Oils | 100% Recyclable | Large Scent Throw | No Dyes or Additives  |  Burn Time: 40-50 hrs. | Burns even for the life of the candle | Wax Melt Burn Time: 48 hours per cube | 6 Pieces per pack|

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