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Beauty's Moss

Beauty's Moss

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Do you want a way to increase how vitamins and minerals are absorbing into your body? 

Our vegan sea moss gummies are the perfect addition to your multi-vitamin and nutritious eating. It is an ideal supplement when cultivating a keto and/or Dr. Sebi lifestyle because of its nutritional content.


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Beauty Moss
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  • Return Policy for edible items

    Return unopened, unused bottles within 30 days for a full refund.

    If bottle arrives damaged, please contact within 24 hours of receipt for refund or replacement

    Opened/used bottles cannot be returned.


    Using Irish Sea Moss increases levels of iodine in the body. While this is unlikely for most people using it at recommended dosages, if you commonly take other supplements which include Iodine please consult your physician before taking it.

    Irish Sea Moss also has mild anticoagulant properties, so it should be avoided by people taking blood thinners, with high blood pressure, or bleeding diseases.

  • Ingredients

    organic Irish sea moss, organic bladderwrack, organic burdock root, syrup, glucose, pectin, citric acid, and natural fruit flavoring.

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